Friday, 15 May 2009

Today I Die

I must confess that I usually think of Flash-based games as little better than those annoying "feed the monkey a banana" type games. Thanks to my near-obsessive checking of Kotaku I ran across this little gem that's made me realise that Flash games are far more interesting than I initially thought.

Today I Die is a superb game from Daniel Benmergui that manages to tell a story in a creative and fresh way. By manipulating a few words in the on-screen Poem the game goes through a variety of stages that veer from the melancholy to elation. It sounds pretentious but as the experience is so short it's hard not feel moved by the journey you take.

The retro visuals are an interesting choice as well. Having that mix of 8-bit graphics and a deep poetic theme stops the game from descending into over-saturated artiness.

This surprisingly in-depth experience was something I didn't expect to find in a Flash game. Looking at Benmurgui's other work its clear that these games have a depth and creativity I really didn't realise until today.

It's a medium that I'm definitely going to investigate further and as all of Benmurgui's games are available for free - I highly recommend checking them out.



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