Friday, 12 June 2009

Fable II review

Having poured so many hours into the first Fable game I was finding it difficult to enjoy this sequel. Every aspect of the game appeared to merely iterate on the original and I struggled to see how it could be rated so highly. Only after changing my usual habit and playing as an evil character did the real magic of Fable 2 reveal itself to me. Having such a different perspective really showed me what effect my decisions had on the world of Albion. Although it wasn't perfect I couldn't help but fall back in love with Lionhead's fantastic and funny fantasy world.

When it comes to videogames with moral choices I always take the good and heroic option. For some odd reason I feel there's something illicit or dangerous about going over to the dark side. But I found that playing as a good hero in this game seemed very boring. Part of that feeling comes from spending so many hours in the first game doing exactly the same types of quest.

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