Friday, 19 June 2009

Infamous Review

Telling a deep and involving story in a videogame can be a tough ask at the best of times. Telling one in an open-world environment is even harder and Infamous struggles to make use of its well-realised world and falls short of its potential. Although the core game mechanics and platforming aspects are fun with a lot of interesting and memorable moments, I never felt sympathy for any of the characters or found them believable.

This isn’t to say I found Infamous dull or didn’t enjoy it. From the very moment the game starts with a huge explosion in Empire City, it shows some impressive visual set-pieces. The nature of starting the game in a crater of your own making, with strange electrical powers and a devastated city at your feet is dramatic and enticing. I’ve always wanted a superhero genesis game with this amount of content and polish. Having a new character free from any graphic novel lore or canonical restrictions was refreshing and gave me hope that it would have a storyline to match.

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