Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mario Galaxy 2, Nier - Reviews

Covering Galaxy 2 after the dark and (slightly awesome-ly) depressing Nier reminded me how much fun games can be. It's the type of primary colour charged experience that made everyone in the room, well mostly my two kids, stop what they were doing and just gawp at what was going on. I was really interested to try and cover this one from a soulful angle, concentrating on all those happy playful memories you have from childhood and why Mario games have that certain Nintendo grade-A quality to them.

I'm not sure if I was successful in this regard or not - the biggest problem for me came when I honestly analysed how I felt about the game and more especially when I compared to the first Galaxy. It certainly looks and plays a lot better than the 2007 game but I really didn't feel the same magic was there. Most of those issues I raised in my previous post and in the review - all to do with the wrapper that goes round both Mario Galaxy games and how different they are. I imagine I must be a genetic anomaly or something but I really preferred the original. Or I'm turning into one of those insufferable people who cannot abide newness and change.

In any case the review is here - and my Nier review goes up on GamePeople later in the month but is accessible via this once-in-a-lifetime link -

Oh yeah. I also managed to spew out a user review on my Giant Bomb profile page. If I'm honest I actually prefer this one to my GamePeople review but it really didn't have a place on the site as it's just a plain old mainstream-style bit 'o work. Also, it's completely unedited so I expect there's even more grammatical ineptitude present than usual.

Next on my plate could be Persona 3 Portable. A game I'm really looking forward to playing but also mortified at the time it'll take to get through. Given that Dragon Quest 9 is out next month I can see myself imploding with turn-based combat and cute Japanese characters. Not a bad to go if you ask a freak like me.

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