Sunday, 9 February 2014

Three Years?

Bloody hell. Three years?

As you might gather I've left the videogame writing business behind and focussed on other pursuits - like making enough money to support a family of three boys!

To be honest it became blindingly obvious that writing in the manner I wanted to about games was simply un-economical. Nobody really wants to read about someone finding meaning or emotion within a gaming experience, not enough to make it financially viable, and definitely not enough for me to warrant the time I was spending on it.

Besides, my focus these days has turned away from gaming - sure, I still play and I still find myself wanting to write about them but it's not a skill that comes naturally to me. Bashing out quality work used to take me far too long and when that work payed barely anything the incentive to do it quickly evaporated.

So why the hell have I kept this website around? Good question, not sure I know why precisely but I still have that nagging feeling that I have it within myself to write something good about this form of media. Challenging even. Whether that falls under the 'Soulful' moniker I'm not sure, but I'll give if I do it, it'll be here.

One aspect of gaming that has bugged me for a while was it's tiptoe into the same bullshit propaganda that the rest of the world's media has fallen into. Too many games reinforce stereotypes, repeat cliches and serve up bogus retellings of history. I even outlined a book about these issues that never got beyond my whiteboard, but the seed of that idea is still good to go once I find the time to do it.

So for now this is me just dusting the place down a little. Don't know if I'll be back soon or later but I'll put up my final review that I did for Gamepeople back in 2010. Seems so silly now that I thought I could make a living out of doing that!

Glad I went out with Xenoblade Chronicles. It remains one of my favourite games of all time and, I think, I wrote a pretty good review too.

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