Friday, 16 May 2014

Transistor and a StatusUpdate()

Hey everyone. I'm back freelancing again and happy to be resuming my status at Strategy Informer & also contributing to Family Gamer TV on their YouTube channel. Over the past month I've covered Escape Goat 2, Ghost Recon Phantoms & The Last Tinker: City of Colors for Strategy Informer. Please check them out!

For FGTV I've been doing a semi-regular Minecraft Mod Show - hardly unique I know but I'm using it as way to get familiar with the video format and fill in a major gap in FGTVs coverage (IMHO of course). I've also started a few video reviews for them as well, namely The Last Tinker, which should be up any day now, and Transistor.

That new game from the Bastion developers is one I'm also covering for Strategy Informer. The review embargo lifts on Tuesday 20th May at 6pm BST so look out for it appearing then. I can't say anything specific right now but I'm going to risk my professional reputation (haha) and say you probably won't be disappointed if you pick it up on Tuesday.

I'm currently evaluating my career and debating about what direction to go in. Right now my time for writing/freelancing is limited by family commitments but I'm also considering if I want to go back down that freelance writer path again. I'd love to get into more video work but again, I'm really put off by becoming just another freelance writer/video hack. I don't feel my command of English is powerful enough to go toe to toe with others out there and I'd really prefer to go my own way, with my own perspective and style. Turning that into a paying gig however, is the trick.

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